byzantıum at ankara

sprıng 2021

Hacettepe University

Mighty in Medieval Cappadocia:

House of Skepides

Thursday, 4.2.2021, h. 18.00

University of Veliko Tarnovo

The monastery of St John the Forerunner on the island of Sveti Ivan near Sozopol (from the early Byzantine to the Medieval era)

Thursday, 11.2.2021, h. 18.00

Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient

Port Cities of the Eastern Mediterranean. Urban Culture in the Late Ottoman Empire

Thursday, 25.2.2021, h. 18.00

University of Uppsala

"Τὰ προειρημένα ἐπὶ τῶν ἐκ νέου κατασκευαζομένων εἴρηται· εἰ δὲ χάρται εἰσὶ παλαιοὶ ἤ καὶ δουλεία τις προλαβοῦσα, κεχρῆσθαι δεῖ τοῖς ἐξ ἀρχῆς συμπεφωνημένοις” : Encroaching, Subdividing, and Expanding or a Cultural Interpretation of Byzantine Spatial Transformation (6th-9th Century).

Thursday, 11.3.2021, h. 18.00

Dumbarton Oaks/George Washington University

Politics and Government in Byzantium. The Rise and Fall of Bureaucrats

Thursday, 11.3.2021, h. 18.00

Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz 

Byzantium and Georgia

Thursday, 9.4.2021, h. 18.00

IHAC, Changchun Normal University

Reappraising the Silk Road: Byzantium and Ancient China

Thursday, 16.4.2021, h.18.00

Siliguru College, North Bengal University

Byzantium and the Indian Ocean

Thursday, 23.4.2021, h. 18.00

Hacettepe University


Thursday, 6.5.2021, h. 18.00

Hacettepe University


Thursday, 13.5.2021, h. 18.00

Philips University


Thursday, 20.5.2021, h. 18.00

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