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We are happy to announce the launch of  a new journal entitled "After Constantine: Stories fro the Late antique and early Byzantine era.

"After Constantine" is a peer-reviewed and open-access academic journal and it is published online once a year. Its purpose is to bring Late Antiquity to the spotlight by hosting papers that underline its importance to classic and byzantine studies and contribute to a better piece of knowledge in the academic community. And the journal is hosted and published by the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC), an entity which operates under the spiritual auspices of His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

In order to access the journal: 

Unıversıty of bırmıngham, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies

Seminar 2020/21 Semester 1


14 October 2020 (1700)

Rebecca Darley (Birkbeck)

Back through Byzantium: textual transmission, global history and the journey of a travel account


Annual Hellenic Society Lecture

20 October (1715)

Leslie Brubaker (Bham)

Dancing in the streets of Constantinople,



27 October 2020, 14-15.30

Corisande Fenwick (UCL):

Building God’s empire: archaeology, religion and the Byzantine reconquest of Africa


Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies Autumn Lecture

29 October (1715)

Henry Maguire (John Hopkins)

String theory: order and disruption in Byzantine interlace


19 November (1715)

Peter Rogers (Bham)

The Palaiologan Inscriptions of Venetian Crete: interpretative contradictions.


3 December (1715)

Marc Baer (London School of Economics)

Sultanic Saviors and Tolerant Turks

Due to COVID-19, this year’s seminars will be hosted via Zoom.

In the interests of security, we are unable to post the Zoom link on this webpage. However, if you would like to attend any of the seminars on our programme, please email Daniel Reynolds to register your interest.

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