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Judıth herrın

King's College London

Currently Emeritus Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, and Constantine Leventis Senior Research Fellow, King’s College London

Affiliate Scholar, Wittgensteinpreis Project 2015, organised by Professor Claudia Rapp, Vienna University: Mobility, Microstructures and Personal Agency in Byzantium


Educated at Newnham College, Cambridge, B.A. 1965

University of Birmingham, 1965-69, Ph. D. 1972

British School of Archaeology at Athens, 1966

Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, University of Paris, 1970

Institut für Byzantinistik und neugriechische Philologie, University of Munich, 1973 


Previous positions: Stanley J. Seeger Hellenic Fund Professor of Byzantine History Princeton University, 1991-5; Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies, King’s College London, 1995-2008

President, Association Internationale des Etudes Byzantines, 2011-12



Collège de France, médaille d’honneur, October 2000

Hellenic Republic of Greece, Gold Cross of Honour, Autumn 2002

Fellowship of King’s College London, Summer 2008

Corresponding Fellow, Centre for Byzantine Research, Aristotle University of Thessalonike, Greece, November 2011

Heineken Prize for History 2016


Recent publications    (BOOKS)


Ravenna. Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe (PenguinRandom House/Princeton University Press 2020)


Fra Oriente e Occidente. Donne e Bibbia nell'Alto Medioevo (secoli VI-XI) Greci, Latini, Ebrei, Arabi,  volume 6.1 Il Medioevo, in the series La Bibbia e le Donne (Il Pozzo di Giacobbe, Trapani, 2015), edited with Franca Ela Consolino.

German translation: Die Bibel und die Frauen, vol. 6.1.  Zwischen Orient und Okzident: Frühmittelalter (6.-11. Jh.) (Kohlhammer, Stuttgart 2019).

English translation: The Early Middle Ages. Women and the Bible, vol. 6/1 edited with Franca Ela Consolino (SBL Press, Atlanta GA, 2020).


Ravenna, its role in earlier medieval change and exchange, edited with Jinty Nelson, Institute of Historical Research (London 2016).

Byzantium. The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire, German translation: Byzanz: Die erstaunliche Geschichte eines mittelalterlichen Imperiums (Reclam, Ditzingen, 2014); Russian translation, Centrpoligraf, Moscow, 2015;  New Polish edition, Rebis publications, Poznan, 2018


ARTICLES in books


“Les impératrices du Grand Palais de Constantinople”, in Elisabeth Malamut and Andréas Nicolaïdès , eds. Impératrices, princesses, aristocrates et saintes souveraines (Aix-en-Provence, 2014), 55-68


“The Palace of the Emperor, King and Exarch in Ravenna”, in The Emperor’s House. Palaces from Augustus to the Age of Absolutism, eds. M. Featherstone, Hansgerd Hellenkemper, Jean-Michel Spieser, Gülru Tanman, Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt (Berlin, 2015), 53-62


“Urban riot or civic ritual? The crowd in early medieval Ravenna”, in Raum und Performanz, eds. Claudia Sode and Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp, (Köln, 2015), 219-40


“Introduzione” with Franca Ela Consolino, in Fra Oriente e Occidente. Donne e Bibbia nel’Alto Medioevo (secoli VI-XI) Greci, Latini, Ebrei, Arabi (Trapani, 2015), 9-17


Introduction, with Jinty Nelson, in Ravenna, its role in earlier medieval change and exchange, edited with Jinty Nelson, Institute of Historical Research (London 2016),



 ‘“Tantalus ever in tears’: The Greek Anthology as a Source of Emotions in Late Antiquity”, in D. Cairns and M. Alexiou, eds. Greek Laughter and Tears. Antiquity and After (Edinburgh University Press, 2017), 75-86



ARTICLES in refereed journals


“Late antique origins of the ‘Imperial Feminine’: western and eastern empresses compared”, Byzantinoslavica 74 (2016), 5-25


“Constantinople and the treatment of hostages, refugees and exiles during late antiquity”, in Constantinople réelle et imaginaire. Autour de l’oeuvre de Gilbert Dagron. Travaux et Mémoires 22/1 (2018), 257-74



Forthcoming publications


The Adriatic between East and West in late antiquity, ed. Magdalena Skoblar (Cambridge University Press, 2020), Introduction


Ravenna and the Traditions of Late Antique and Early Byzantine Craftsmanship, ed. Salvatore Consentino (De Gruyter, 2020), Final remarks


Iconoclasm as Heresy, chapter in the Cambridge Companion to Heresy, ed. Richard Flowers


Byzantium. The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire, Chinese translation; Albanian translation

Women in Purple, new Greek edition




Introduction, Byzantium and Venice, for the Jordi Savall CDs Venezia millenarian (Harmonia Mundi 2018


Member of the Heineken Jury for the 2020 award for History.


Mosaics and Power, from Ravenna to Sinai

28th Annual Lecture, November 2018,

The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia, Cyprus, 2020

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