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ıoanna chrıstoforakı

academy of athens

Ioanna Christoforaki graduated from Oxford University with DPhil on Patronage. Art, and Society in Lusignan Cyprus under the supervision of Prof. Cyril Mango. She has worked at the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Research Centre of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art of the Academy of Athens. Her research interests focus on art and material culture in the Eastern Mediterranean from the 13th to the 16th century.

From Appropriation to Acculturation: Buildings, Images, and People in Hospitaller Rhodes (c. 1309-1522)

The Order of the Knights of St John, otherwise known as the Hospitallers, took over Rhodes in 1309. During the two centuries of their rule, Rhodes transformed from a minor outpost on the eastern frontier of the Byzantine empire to an important call of port for merchants and pilgrims alike. This transition, however, was neither linear not unruffled. This paper will take a look at the shifts which took place as mirrored in the architectural output and visual arts of the island.

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